Through the project system Institute for Contemporary History adds a collective quality to the individual research results of its fellows. Currently, the Institute is engaged in two basic projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, as well as a number of other projects.

Current Projects

Basic Projects

- Serbian society in the Yugoslav state in the 20th century: between democracy and dictatorship Project leader: dr Kosta Nikolić  

- Conflicts and Crises: Cooperation and Development in Serbia and in the Region in 19th and 20th century Project leader: Prof. dr Momčilo Pavlović

Additional Projects

- Yugoslav Crisis

- The Hidden History

- Support of the Scholarly Research in Local Contexts

- History of Health Protection and Culture of Health in Serbia

- Seminar for History Teachers

Completed projects 2001-2010.

- The Question of Kosovo in Yugoslav and Global Context in the 20th Century. Project leader: Prof. dr Momčilo Pavlović

- (Un)successful Integration – (Un)finished Modernization: International Position and the Internal Development of Serbia and Yugoslavia 1921-1991. Project leader: dr Kosta Nikolić

- Serbian Society in the Second World War – European Frame of Ideological Divisions and Repression

- Serbian and Yugoslavs Historiography during the Crisis and Collapse of Yugoslavia 1980/2000.

- Serbia, Yugoslavia and the Great Powers in the 20th century

- History of Serbian and Yugoslav Institutions and Prominent Leaders in the 20th Century