Dear guest, colleagues and friends, welcome to the site of the Institute for Contemporary History

Institute for Contemporary History is an independent research institution, dedicated from its founding to the advancement of the understanding of the recent past by facilitating research of political, social, economical and cultural history of Serbian society in Yugoslav, Balkan, European and global framework.

Scholarly activity in the Institute is conducted in accordance with its program , through the projects and scholarly cooperation. Its results are presented through the publishing activity, organization of scholarly symposia and through the journal History of the 20th century.

Institute currently has 22 employees in the academic sector and 3 in administration. Academic sector is composed of fellows (17 PhD’s, 4 MPhil’s and one doctoral candidate).

Located in the centre of Belgrade, Trg Nikole Pašića 11, Institute hosts rich library and documentation center.

Professor dr Momčilo Pavlović